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Cashel Ear Plugs with String

Cashel Ear Plugs with String

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Cashel Ear Plugs. Soft foam molds to fit safely in your horse's ears. Easy to insert. The plugs muffle the scary sound of clippers or loud noises at parades, rodeos, or mounted shooting. These are used by Equine Owners, Professionals, Trainers, and Veterinarians. Considered a must have for your "tool bag" - when you need these most, make sure to have a pair on hand! Very useful when horses need to be calmed down and noises muffled. Directions: Gently insert in your horse's ear, wide end to the outside. Clean with soapy water, rinse and towel dry.

Sizes: Small (Pony) Medium (Horse) Large (Warmblood) X Large (Draft)

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