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Nothing takes the enjoyment out of being outside like bugs, especially when pesky mosquitoes try to bite you. Whether you're mowing your grass, weeding the garden, or just relaxing on the porch, this essential tool will be your new go-to mosquito barrier.

This outdoor mosquito Barrier for backyard control combines a mixture of ingredients to protect your kids, dogs, and other pets from insects.

This anti-mosquito device uses 11.48% sodium chloride, 88.34% sucrose, and 0.18% yeast and comes in a portable size, measuring 13" W x 3" H x 2.5" L and weighing 0.7 lbs., letting you ditch the toxic ingredients of other bug-repellent products. This mixture creates CO2 a natural mosquito attractant and the sodium chloride.

This natural mosquito barrier is also simple to set up.

To install: Simply remove your Mosquito Barriers and the temporary white cap before filling with lukewarm water. When the unit is full, screw the cap back onto the tube and shake thoroughly before removing the cap again. Use the black hooks included to clip them up to hang. Hang your barriers no more than 180' apart and no more than 6' above ground in the area that you want to defend.

This mosquito barrier will give you the mosquito control you want, no matter how big your property is. Just remember that if your home is less than 1 acre, you should hang the barrier on opposite corners of the area that you would like to protect. Because the Mosquito Barrier uses materials to give you defense against pests. Create a Mosquito Barrier on your property today—without guilt or strain on your wallet.

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