BLM Wyoming Releases Fall 2017 Horse Gather Schedule

On Aug. 29 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wyoming announced its decision to gather and remove wild horses within the Great Divide Basin, Salt Wells Creek, and Adobe Town herd management areas.

After Sept. 15, horses will be gathered and removed to return populations to within appropriate management levels within the herd management areas, the BLM said. This action is in response to the results of the 2017 census flights that determined wild horse populations are exceeding the appropriate management level. A total of 2,836 wild horses were surveyed within the three herd management areas. The BLM’s appropriate management level for the areas is 1,765 horses. These limits on the number of wild horses that certain areas can handle are indicated in resource management plans, the BLM said.

Additionally, the BLM has received a written request to remove wild horses from private lands within the herd management areas. The BLM Rock Springs Field Office entered into a consent decree in April 2013 which requires the periodic removal of wild horses from these herd management areas based on the results of census flights.

The environmental assessment, finding of no significant impact, and decision record are available at The decision is subject to administrative review through the appeal process, which is outlined in the decision record.

The BLM said wild horses have essentially no natural predators, resulting in a rapid increase in population. If not appropriately managed, herds double in size every four to five years, the agency said. To maintain wild horses in good physical condition and to protect the health of public land, the BLM said it must manage their population growth.

Wild horses that are removed will be available for adoption to qualified applicants. To learn more about the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program and adopting a Wyoming wild horse, visit or contact the national information center at 866/486-7826 or