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Professional Choice Bob Avila's- Private Collection Bit #5

Private Collection Bit #5 AVPC-254
Port: 3 ¾” Mouth: 5”, Cheek: 7 ½”
This Private Collection piece is a beautiful bit made by Mike MacDowell. This particular bit was one that Mike made for a friend of my wife Dana, and when she saw this bit she asked Mike to make one for her. As things can often go with great bit makers, Mike never got around to making the bit for Dana. Mike has since passed away and Dana and I found this bit at a show for sale. Dana couldn’t believe it, so I bought it for her as a surprise birthday present. She was beyond overjoyed with the bit. She insisted we add it to the Private Collection, and I agreed as it is a beautiful small spade with wonderful feel and a great look. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.